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Conferences and Seminars

Conferences and Seminars

point2explore offers its clients the opportunity to collect valuable data from conference and seminar attendees. Utilizing our products and services in a conference setting makes sharing feedback fun for attendees and collecting data easy for administrators.


Easy to use and fun surveys will encourage attendees to share feedback. Simple, multiple choice questions allow administrators to focus on the most important aspects of the data collected and make for easy comparison charting. 

Quizzes and Games 

Test the effectiveness of the seminar by quizzing your attendees on what they have learned. A quick quiz can be very informative in accessing the effectiveness of the presenter and the seminar. The quizzes and games can collect personal information allowing you to send a gift or incentive for all players or for high scorers. 

Personalized Conference Souvenirs 

Tie your survey to an application that will print out a personalized conference souvenir. What better incentive to share your feedback then to receive a personalized souvenir. Use a "photo booth" to capture the moment and print a memento. Allow attendees to leave with a personalized certificate or diploma. Your attendees will be glad to share their thoughts in return for a gift like this.
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